What We Offer

If you're like many people these days, you have questions about your retirement, your investments, your savings, and perhaps the stock market.

  • How can I be sure I'll have enough money for my retirement?
  • How long do I have to work until I can retire?
  • My investments don't seem to be growing very fast, are they doing well?
  • My financial advisor at another firm doesn't really communicate as much as I would like. What should I do?
  • Do you have any good alternatives to CD's?
  • I have an old 401(k) plan. Can you help me roll that over?​

Regardless of your age, your family situation, or your investments -- you deserve help with your financial and investment questions. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we can help in many ways.

We have the resources to help large investors and the attitude to help any investor improve their situation.

Financial Planning

We believe it is vital to have a defined goal for your investments and a defined plan to help your investments reach that goal. Without a plan, an investor bounces from event to event and may never reach his or her goal.

We meet with people like you who have questions or concerns about their investment portfolios being held elsewhere. We listen carefully to what you tell us and we review your current situation and your projected situation going forward. We analyze your current investments and compare that to what appears to be your goals.

We prepare an investment plan that is customized for YOU. It represents our best ideas for what may be appropriate for you and your investments to help you reach your goals.

Managing Assets

If you agree, we assist you in transferring your investment accounts to Legacy Wealth Management and our investment custodian, Pershing LLC. You retain ownership and control and we then begin to provide investment advice and investment execution to you, handling the ongoing purchase, sales, or maintenance of individual investments.

Going forward, we meet with you on a regular basis to provide investment portfolio reviews and to answer any questions. We assist with handling distributions to you from your account or deposits. We do not make changes without your involvement and approval.

Reviewing Positions

All of our accounts receive attention and periodic review to make sure that we are positioned appropriately. No one can predict the ups and downs of all investments, but we review regularly to make sure we are positioned as we have all agreed. When appropriate, we contact you to recommend adjustments.

We offer a structure that allows clients to choose from among compensation plans, including commission or fee only basis. Our goal is to give you the service you need and want and to make sure that compensation is fair and understood.