SmartVestor Pro

Brady Brunsvold, Financial Advisor

Providing hope and encouragement using the financial principles of Dave Ramsey

"As a part of being a SmartVestor Pro,  we are able to provide a light at the end of the tunnel.  We are able to develop long-term goals, that we can then track on a regular basis.  Financial goals arent like a sprint, with a gold medal at the end.  Instead, its more long a marathon - where you have to continue to make adjustments as we go along the investment path."

-Brady  Brunsvold 


Brady Brunsvold began his career with Legacy Wealth Management in 2016.  He was already a licensed advisor,  but he was sick and tired of being told what to sell to his clients.  At legacy, Brady feels that he is truly able to use whatever is best for his clients to reach their financial goals.  Brady is also proud to serve as a Dave Ramsey Smartvestor Pro for Fargo, Moorhead, Jamestown, Fergus Falls, Detroit Lakes, Wahpeton, Breckenridge, and the lakes area. 


Brady attended all of his higher education schooling in the great state of North Dakota.  His undergrad was obtained from North Dakota State University (GO BISON!) and He received his Master's in Business from the University of Mary in Bismarck. 


Brady has been married for 10 years, and has 4 young children - with the oldest being a girl, and 3 younger boys. 


Brady enjoys spending time with his wife, Jessica and their 4 kids.  The love to camp during the summer, and spend time outside as much as possible.  Brady is an avid fisherman, and also enjoys hunting.  Brady also enjoys attending church at the Good Shepherd in Moorhead MN. 

​Hobbies: Reading, camping, fishing, and watching his kids in sports and activities such as cubscouts

Favorite food:  Anything home-cooked

Favorite Movie:  Braveheart

#1 on the bucket list:  Scuba Diving

Whats YOUR Dave Story?

We are here to help YOU!   If you are still working on baby steps, I am here to help!  If you need encouragement to work on your debt, I would love to cheer you on!  And, if you are ready to take the next step into the world of investments, I am here to give you direction and support to help you get started.  Let me know what I can do to help. 

Setting up a free consultation is the best way to connect.  I can guide you through the steps to reach your financial goals, and be with you for support along the way. 

You will find that having someone on YOUR side to work through a plan can provide that inspiration to hitting your financial goals

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